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Virgilio's Gluten-Free - Littleton, Colorado

Virgilio’s Wine Bar

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Menu: Virgilio’s Gluten-Free Menu

Can I tell you how happy I was to see lasagna on the gluten-free menu? It was a complete double take. The SO had found Virgilio’s on Reddit for the best pizza in the Denver area. As a bonus, it also had a gluten-free pizza option. I didn’t research the place and just went in knowing I could get a GF pizza.  Well, what a surprise when I saw their GF menu. Lasagna! I couldn’t get past that on the menu. I had to have it.

It took all my will power to stop and take a photo of it before I dived in. It was delicious. It tasted how I remembered lasagna tasting. The edges of the lasagna noodles were slightly crunchy (yumm) with all the cheese, meat and sauce mixed with every bite. The lasagna noodles were excellent. I didn’t taste any gritty texture or rubbery-ness, just heaven in a oven-proof dish. I only ate half, which was perfect for lunch and ate the rest for lunch the next day. It did not disappoint. I only wished I was patient enough to wait for it to be heated all the way through.

Virgilio’s doesn’t make their gluten-free noodles or pizza crust there, but ship it in from a gluten-free bakery in Minnesota. I definitely would go back and try their pizza or get the lasagna again. It may take a few times to get to the other gluten-free items; zucchini pasta or chicken parmigiana. They also offer gluten-free desserts. I definitely need to save room for those.

Reminder | As with any restaurant, cross contamination can always be an issue. Check with your restaurant to see what their practices are if you have concerns. It never hurts to ask. This is just my experience and how it affected me.

Virgilio's Gluten-Free Lasagna

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