Hiking, Biking and A Little Casting


The views at Flaming Gorge are gorgeous. Rain or shine. Everything about Flaming Gorge was exciting. Starting the new chapter in my life may have had something to do with it. I took the week off work to ease into RV life as well as some much needed time off. I was exhausted! The RV life was still a little surreal. What did we decide to do?

Flaming Gorge

This was our second time here, but first time spending some quality time. Our first visit to Flaming Gorge, it was pouring! We took the Jetta on our long weekend to Browns Park in Colorado. She was loaded up! Roof storage bag and backseat/trunk filled plus two bikes on the back for the Fourth of July weekend. Long story short, it ended up storming on and off all weekend and the storage bag was attached to the top of the car through the inside using straps that were excellent at carrying the rain inside the Jetta. Yes, it was now raining inside and dripping on our heads. But it makes for a great memory, right? On our way home, we did a drive by of Flaming Gorge hoping the rain would let up and maybe camp another night. No luck. We decided to head home, but knew we needed to come back.

Little Hole Hike

Our second day was a little stormy, but still a good day for a short hike along the Green River. We parked at the Little Hole Recreation Area and headed up river towards the dam.


Brian did a little fishing and caught a nice Rainbow Trout. I was casting – no fishing here. Just some straight old fashion casting. Until I got tired of pretending I was fishing and¬†went back to taking photos. This is how we used to “go fishing” together. Brian fished, I wandered and took photos of whatever I could find.


I’m lucky, Brian always wants to fish in interesting and beautiful places. There’s always something to photograph and look at.


Red Canyon Visitors Center

Here you can mountain bike, hike, learn some interesting facts at the Visitor Center or on the short nature walk to the canyon rim. The Red Canyon has a depth of 1700 feet and a width of about 4000 feet surrounded by tall Ponderosas and a few local mountain goats, whom we just missed. The views were incredible!

Brian and I got talking to the volunteers at the Visitors Center and as it turns out the lovely lady was also gluten-free. She just received a shipment of her ten loaves of gluten-free bread. Apparently, she can’t live without her fluffnutters! A girl after my own heart. What I should have realized was the lack off gluten-free in the area. We shared some gluten-free secrets for living on the road. I wished I wrote them all down, but I wasn’t prepared at all. In my defense, I was there looking for mountain goats.

A fluffnutter sandwich sounds good right about now ūüôā

We mountain biked on the Red Canyon Rim trail that follows the canyon edge for a bit and then¬†heads towards the campgrounds and Green Lake. Now, I haven’t been mountain biking in a few years (2011, maybe spring 2012) and those were the only years I mountain biked. Not very experienced on dirt. The trail was easy, once I rode for about ten minutes and got the “oh yeah, this is how we do this” feeling. I went slow and didn’t fall – woo-hoo! It was hard to look around and watch the trail at the same time. Look at those views!


Ute Mountain Fire Lookout Tower

We took a drive to see the Ute Mountain Fire Lookout Tower. Surprisingly, there were several people there. It was a little out there. The fire lookout is run by volunteers and the gentlemen there was also a fellow full-time RVer. Lots of tips and a few interesting stories. You guessed it – not the stories you want to hear on your third or fourth day being a full-timer. It’s good to be aware, but not to let it influence your travels.

On our way back to the main road, we passed the world’s largest cow. He was¬†humongous!


Sheep Creek Geological Loop

Amazing! The 13-mile scenic the drive will impress you with its stunning rock formations, spectacular views and informational signs telling you about the area. Each sign shares what the formations are and what kind of fossils you might find. If you’re into geology, this is a must see!

A couple bighorn sheep took a look at us as we drove by.


The Sheep Creek Geological Loop overlooking Flaming Gorge Recreation Area Рbreathtaking!!


Flaming Gorge Dam

We hiked around an area near the bridge looking for a good spot to fish. The trail led to the easy access spot, which I would have preferred, but where’s the fun in that! Slipping and falling into the freezing water below, ¬†maybe hitting a few rocks on the way in – not so bad, right? Who knew fishing was so stressful.

I actually went fishing and caught a couple smallmouth bass. Definitely more exciting than just casting. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. Warm, sunny –¬†a perfect end of August summer day.


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