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The Garlic Knot Pizza


The Garlic Knot
10 Locations in the Denver/Front Range area
1 Location in Florida


I got a coupon in the mail for The Garlic Knot. I’m always on the lookout for a gluten-free pizza place that will deliver. Its not easy. I went to their website and saw that they had gluten-free pizza (yay!) and they delivered (double yay!). We ordered that night.

The Garlic Knot offers both gluten-free pizza and pasta. I ordered a gf pizza with two toppings. They make their own gluten-free dough, so it tastes homemade and not like the freezer crusts. I thought the pizza was amazing! The gluten-free pizza only comes in an 11″ medium size for $13.00 and you can add your toppings at $1.00/a topping. The gluten-free medium cheese pizza is $1.50 more than a regular medium pizza. I got two meals, plus a snack from mine. So, I consider it a good value and its inline with other gluten-free pizza I’ve had, plus, they delivered it!

The regular pizza looked amazing as well and according to the SO, tasted that way too! We will definitely be ordering from The Garlic Knot again.

The Garlic Knot Gluten-Free Pizza 11″ The Garlic Knot: Gluten-Free Pizza with Sausage and Onion


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