BFree Foods Review

BFree Foods

BFree Foods Review: Sandwich Bread, Bagels and Rolls

WOW! These Wheat & Gluten Free breads are amazing!! It’s hard to believe they are gluten-free. No crumbling, no gritty texture, not impossible to swallow. Great tasting on their own or with dressed up with what ever your little heart desires. I was able to try six of their products. Their sandwich bread available in Soft White or Brown Seeded, Bagels in both Plain and Mutli-Seeded and their rolls in Soft White and Brown Seeded. Not only do they taste so yummy, BFree products are not only gluten-free, but they are also wheat, dairy, egg, nut, soy free and are even vegan friendly. Their products are low in fat, high in fiber, contain no GMOs and have no sugar added.  And they taste this delicious…It’s a must have in your GF diet.

BFree Soft White Sandwich Bread

The Soft White Sandwich Loaf has only 70 calories a slice, no fat and 3g protein. Each slice is longer than regular gluten-free bread and gives you a bigger and better sandwich. It was soft and delicious and has that ‘real’ bread texture and look.

BFree Brown Seeded Sandwich Bread

The Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf is also only 70 calories per slice with 2g fat and 3g protein and fiber. It’s made with a unique flour blend, starches, proteins and fiber with sunflowers and golden lineseeds which add a delicious flavor and texture. Like the Soft White, each slice is lengthwise to give you a bigger slice to enjoy. A great thing about all BFree products is that they are freeze friendly.

BFree Plain Bagels

The Plain Bagels are perfect for a breakfast sandwich or just smeared with a little chive and onion cream cheese. It was just nice to toast something again. They were soft and chewy, even after being stored in a ziplock for over a week.  Each bagel is 200 calories and has only 1.5g fat, 5g fiber and 3g proteins.

BFree Multi-Seed Bagels

Yummy! The Multi-Seeded Bagels – I’m still dreaming about these. It was the closest store bought Everything Bagel I’ve had since going gluten-free in 2009. Brian will have a Thomas’ Everything Bagels sandwich and I just sit and drool watching him eat it. Now, I have BFree Multi-Seed! They are simply tasty and wonderful. The perfect size for a sandwich, breakfast or lunch. Thank you BFree!! Not sure why the rest of the GF bread world is afraid of the seeded bagel. They also are 200 calories per bagel with 1.5 g fat and 5g fiber.

BFree Soft White Rolls

The Soft White Rolls are plain and simple with a whole lot of delicious. Great as a dinner roll with a pat of butter or used for a sandwich. Each roll is soft and chewy and also lasted over a week stored in a ziplock. Only 120 calories per roll with 1g fat, 5g protein and 5g fibers.

BFree Brown Seeded Rolls

The Brown Seeded Roll is the best! I love the sunflower seeds baked right into each roll. Amazing taste! Each roll is 150 calories with 5g fat, 5g fiber and 6g protein.

I’m definitely blown away by BFree. They are nutritious, low in calories and have an amazing shelf life on the counter. I was really surprised that 5 days after being place in a ziplock or resealed in their bag with a twisty, how soft and chewy each product was. I used the Soft White Bread about 9 days after to make pan fried croutons for some soup, delicious! Great breads! I will definitely be looking for more in my local store or buying online at their shop.


*Disclaimer: I was not paid by BFree or Crier Communications for this review. I only received free product to give my honest opinion on what my thoughts were on their new product. 

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